Electronic Saviors Release Party – Recap

DERAILED was honored to have hosted the Official Second Life Release Party for the Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer compilation on Tuesday, with proceeds going to the Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness.  The event featured 16 hours of the finest DJs on Second Life with sets that included tracks from the 5 disc, 83 song compilation.

This compilation came to be back in May of 2008 when Pittsburgh area DJ, promoter, and musician Jim Semonik (aka Jimmy Semtex of [Rein]Forced) was diagnosed with stage 2B colorectal cancer.  His love for music was what kept him going throughout his treatment.  When 16 Volt’s Denial Highway Tour came to Pittsburgh thanks to Jim the idea for the compilation was thought up and with the help of their frontman Eric Powell, Electronic Saviors was born.

A year and a half, a loss of his colon, and almost losing his life due to infection and post-op chemotherapy while still working aggressively to make this dream a reality, Jim finished the compilation.   83 artists came together for this project from all ends of the industrial scene, such as Assemblage 23, Suicide Commando, Terrorfakt, 16 Volt, Chemlab, Caustic, Combichrist, Interface, Nachtmahr, and others.  Electronic Saviors is a monumental 4 cd boxset, packaged nicely in DVD digipack format, featuring stunning artwork by Jeff Confer and a 12 page booklet including an essay from Jim and a drop card for a downloadable 5th CD.  Since all these artists came together for this remarkable project, it would only be fitting that Jim donates the proceeds to the Center For Cancer Research and Wellness in Harrisburg, PA.

Numerous release parties have been scheduled all around the world in places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, and even in Belgium and Holland.  Derailed would end up being an official virtual venue for a launch party, and it got massive buzz and generated a crowd before the event officially started.

DJ Jo Heartsdale of the UK started off the festivities with CheetahBot as her host, which led to the resident noize DJs Shortwave (Jayson McDonnell) of Canada and L.A.’s DaemonChadeau Nemeth (DJ [Daemon] Chadeau) working the midday crowds.  Jo would return for another two hours after that, followed by fellow countryman Komrade DJ Radikal finishing the afternoon.  DJ Tiggs of the U.S. sent the place into prime-time with a very well calculated set followed by The Reverend DJ Donna Heartsdale, Derailed’s General Manager, who led a raffle for a free copy of the compilation at around 10-ish (won by bigbrother Lord).  The event ended at midnight with DJ Spider…and even then people still hung around wanting more.

Some words that were spun around by the Derailed DJs included “special”, “inspirational”, “encouraging”, and “plain out kick-ass”.  A lot of the VIPs, Staff, and Management has had someone in their lives affected by some form of cancer so this hit home to a lot of people.  Some told stories of survival and remembering those who weren’t so lucky.  One story that stood apart was that of Host Mouse Nemeth, whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and emerged above that only to be diagnosed with leukemia a month later.  She learned during the event that after a three year battle and a week after being given six months to live, her mother’s cancer went into remission.  The timing couldn’t have been better.

Even with the A-List of talent on this compilation, the message was clear that not only is this a disease we can beat but that people of the scene, even with all the drama involved in it, will come together and support one of their own in a time of need.  It is that coming together that makes for something very special such as this.  Derailed is thankful to have come together in putting together this event in the virtual world known as Second Life and to have hosted an incredible gathering of people from around the world, and is thankful to have helped make a difference in people’s lives.

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