Derailed Homecoming

Derailed Homecoming

Last night the Station hosted the Derailed Homecoming, which heralded the return of one of its founding members DJ DaemonChadeau Nemeth.  It was also hosted by our very own General Manager Donna Heartsdale, reuniting the infamous DJ/Host duo for the first time since the De-lection ‘08 event back in November of 2008.

The event had the feel of a high school homecoming game, with free Derailed football jerseys courtesy of the DJ’s clothing line, PNM Clothing.  The contests were Best Jock (won by Tigger Romano) and Best Cheerleader, which was a four way tie.  Everyone was a cheerleader in their own way and showed the undying team spirit of Derailed in a roller-coaster year for the dark electronic club.

Daemon, who put the power noise genre into the mainstream on SL with the foundation of the Second Life chapter of L.A.’s Powernoize Movement, spun for two hours of his so-called “Harshest Frequencies on the Grid” such as Terrorfakt, Xotox, Phosgore, Manufactura, Caustic, and more.  Even though he had been away from the club since May of this year, his attitude and demeanor felt like he never left at all.

“I have spun at many different clubs and events on SL” said Daemon after the event.  “However, nothing came close to these two hours on Saturday night.  It was great to be back at the place I helped put together with Aard and Donna, and to still see this place standing even while I was gone makes me feel even better about the future of the venue and its leadership.”

When he was asked about what would be the next event on his mind, he simply stated “you’re just gonna have to wait and see.  One thing is for certain: I don’t plan on having this Homecoming event ever again.  I’m here to fuckin’ stay!”  What we do know is that he will be at that time slot on Saturday nights from 6-8pm SLT, the same time slot he had occupied during his initial tour at Derailed.

Even in the ever-changing virtual world of Second Life, some things never change.


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  1. Epic. Just epic. That’s how I can describe it.

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