90s Party @ Derailed – Jan 6 2010

90s party @ Derailed

We had an amazing spur of the moment 90s party 2 days ago at the new Club Derailed 3.0! (Jan 6, 2010).

Assistant Head DJ Josi Abrastraza was the amazing DJ, and everyone had an awesome time! Below is a short clip of us dancing around and having a great time!

You can also see pics of the event on our Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/DerailedSL ! Get over there and tag yourself if you spot yourself in one of the pics!

Attendees: Alicia Blindside, CheetahBot Ivanovic, Donna Heartsdale, Eiji Prevost, Jayden Schnute, Jekkster Khitan, Josi Abrastraza, Mickal Constantine, Mocksoup Graves, Naina Aumenie, Pielu2 Ormstein, Rosalie Greymoon, Squic Rammidge, Tomy Jurassic, Valerica Piers, Vivica Itano

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