Goodbye, Derailed

Derailed has had a good three years, however I think it’s time to close down for a while.

For how long? We’re not sure yet. But one thing is definite – we want a break. Some of you know that running a club in Second Life takes a lot of your time, resources, and can be draining at times. Taking a “vacation” usually seems to derail things a bit (no pun intended.)

We decided that for now, we want to pursue other things. Aardvark will be focusing his time more on RL work (you may have noticed he hasn’t had much time to be around), and I will be focusing more on a few things, including my web development as well as something I never thought I would do or enjoy – breeding in SL.

I found Meeroos through a friend a little over a month ago, and I’ve found that learning the genetics and breeding them out has been quite fun, relaxing, and makes a decent income. How long will it last? No one really knows. I just know for now that it’s something that I enjoy, has been completely stress-free, and I have to admit the damn things are cute.

So we’ll be keeping busy, but I’m sure you’ll see Aardvark and myself around in other clubs from time to time. Just in case we decide to open Derailed back up again, we’re keeping the website, the SL groups, etc. There’s no guarantee that it will happen, but if it does, we’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

It was a good *almost* 3 years, and thanks to those that have helped make Derailed what it was along the way.


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