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Rental Land

Land Rentals on Sub Zero Island (Staff & Management Discounts!)

Land for rent on a private island sim “Sub Zero” – class 5. Many different sizes & affordable prices available! The island is low lag due to the fact that it is all residential with the exception of one club in the southeast corner of the island. Below is our listing of current available properties as of 03.09.10. Click the location listed to teleport in-world.

Parcel Location (Click to visit in-world) Size & Price Prims
Parcel 08 Sub Zero (193,166,21) 4096 sqm L$1955/wk 1124
Parcel 09 Sub Zero (62,125,36) 4096 sqm L$1955/wk 1124
Parcel 10 Sub Zero (102,49,34) 2400 sqm L$1144/wk 659
Parcel 12 Sub Zero (57,58,21) 4096 sqm L$1955/wk 1124
Parcel 13 Sub Zero (65,45,34) 3456 sqm L$1655/wk 949

**Parcels 08, 09, 12 & 13 are waterfront property.**

- Terraforming upon request. If a smaller size is needed, please contact for info/pricing.
- Security system available upon request for no additional charge.
- Please feel free to stop by the island & check us out! IM Donna Heartsdale in-world with any questions!