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Welcome to =Derailed= on the web! You can read our most recent news & updates, see our event & DJ schedule, participate in the forum, listen to =Derailed= Radio online, learn more about Derailed’s staff, as well as find out more about =Derailed= and Second Life below. New to SL? Be sure to check out our info & guides from around the web to get you started!

House Rules

For everyone’s enjoyment, please abide by these rules while at Derailed:

1. Cooperate with any staff/management requests.

2. NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND! No disrespect, griefing, or harassment. No orbiting, caging, deforming, or other type of attack allowed.

3. No intolerance of any kind – be it based on race, religion, orientation, gender, etc. No insulting behavior against staff, management or guests. Just because YOU think it’s funny, doesn’t mean it is.

4. No chat/gesture spam, or soliciting of notecards, LMs, freebies, groups. No business propositions or recruiting, advertisements, or solicitations allowed AT ALL.


6. No Role Playing, child avatars, Bloodlines, biting, sex, etc., in the club local chat. Please keep it to IMs, and only if welcome.

7. No pink parts! No uncovered nipples or genitalia in or around the club.

If you break these rules you may be ejected & banned indefinitely.

If you are having a problem with an individual please notify any member of the management team posted in the club or on the staff page of the website.